MetaStockCSV Plug-in - Use your own data files directly in MetaStock
By MasterDATA


Use your own comma delimited data files directly in MetaStock with no import or conversion ...               
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  MasterDATA's MetaStockCSV Plug-in  

The MetaStockCSV Plug-in seamlessly integrates your data files directly into MetaStock (Compatible with MetaStock versions 7.0 or higher) .


The MetaStockCSV Plug-in retrieves any data from your comma delimited datafiles into MetaStock.  There are now two MetaStockCSV Plug-in formulas:



ExtFml( "CSV.BySym", YourValue)
Our original plug-in formula allows MetaStock to use the statistic "YourValue" from your comma delimited text data file.  Use this statistic just like you would any other MetaStock data.



ExtFml( "CSV.ByFile", YourSymbol, YourValue, YourDataPeriod)
The full MetaStockCSV Plug-in Version 2.0 now includes a new, additional plug-in formula allowing MetaStock to use either very specific data or very general data from your comma delimited text data file.  This powerful new plug-in formula can even display daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly data period statistics, all in the same chart, all at the same time.


Your .csv data files may have up to 100 columns.


 When your data file is calculated, its ready to use in MetaStock.  No import.  No conversion.


If you know how to construct your own indicators in MetaStock,
you already know how to use the MetaStock
CSV Plug-in.

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Statistic names may be configured and reconfigured as often as you like.


Loads automatically with MetaStock.


Fast access times (actually faster than downloaded EOD data)


Many MetaStock users work outside of MetaStock also.  Whether the work is done in Microsoft Excel, a proprietary program or a wide variety of other analysis programs, the results of their work wind up in data files.  More often than not, these data files are either comma delimited data files or are easily outputted as comma delimited data files.

Or, perhaps you use fundamental data gathered from various web sites or government reports on a regular basis such as housing starts, unemployment, inflation or gross national product, etc.

MetaStock, on the other hand, only provides for six columns of data in its price data files.  If you have ever experienced converting your data into MetaStock format you already understand the ordeal that is required.  Then there is the confusion of referring to your data as "Close" in a MetaStock function when it might actually be "Net Capitalization".  For those that don't already know, MetaStock can only call data from its files by six names, open, high, low, close, volume and open interest (o/i).  So, no matter what the data actually is, those are the names you must use.*

No more.  With MasterDATA's MetaStockCSV Plug-in you can use your comma delimited data files directly in MetaStock.  No import.  No conversion.  AND you call your statistics by names that mean something.  If your data column is  the value for "Net Capitalization", you could use a name like "NetCapitalization" or "NetCap" or even "NC" in your MetaStock functions.  You decide the names.  You set the number of data columns up to 101 and several other highly configurable options to set up the MetaStockCSV Plug-in to match the structure of your data files.

Once configured, if you know how to construct your own indicators in MetaStock, you already know how to use the MetaStockCSV Plug-in, but now directly from your data files.



MasterDATA's MetaStockCSV Plug-in is compatible with both end of day and real-time data.



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